[fade]I grew up in Perth, Australia and after completing a Bachelor of Science in Western Australia and then a Master of Chiropractic in Sydney (graduating in 1999), I worked in various clinics in Queensland. Following this, I spent the next 6 years working and travelling throughout Asia, during which time I worked in South Korea for 1 year and in Shanghai, China, for 2 years as a chiropractor. 

Travel has long been a passion for myself and my wife Julie and even though we were having a great time travelling, we were both getting older, so decided to move to Port Macquarie in Australia to start a family. After living there for 3 years we realised that Port Mac wasn’t for us and hit the road again, this time with a 3 year old in tow.

After a year of travelling around SE Asia we ended up in Bali where we lived for the past 2 years. I worked as a chiropractor in Sanur and Julie taught Yoga.

Julie is originally from New Zealand and we felt the pull to settle in Nelson for the natural outdoor lifestyle and to be near Julie’s parents in Golden Bay.[/fade]


[fade]Because everyone is different I understand that one style of treatment won’t suit everyone and every situation, so I have become proficient in a wide range of treatment styles from very gentle through to more manual which are suitable from babies through to the elderly.


Treatment is always given in a very safe and caring manner which takes into account peoples’ situations, concerns and desired outcomes.

I have studied various techniques including:  Sacro-ocipital technique (SOT), chiropractic biophysics (CBP), Activator technique,  Advanced bio-structural correction (ABC), Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson drop-table and Paediatrics.[/fade]