Lindsey is the sole practitioner at Chirocare in Nelson and with 19 years experience you know you will be treated each time by the same person who knows and understands your body. We are ACC registered and located in the center of Nelson. "My mission is to address the cause of the problem rather than just reduce and/or eliminate pain or symptoms”.


[fade]About Lindsey Ellison[/fade]

[fade]Lindsey has been a practicing chiropractor for the past 19 years, working in Australia, South Korea, China and Indonesia helping people of all races and ages improve their quality of life.[/fade]

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[fade]What is chiropractic?

The main objective of chiropractic is to restore a proper relationship between the spine and the central nervous system (which runs down through the center of the spine) and remove any pressure or irritation to the nervous system.

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[fade]What to expect

I want people to feel comfortable and listened to. Honest advice is given and a suitable plan created to achieve your desired outcomes, from relieving an episode of acute pain through to living a better quality of life. 

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