[fade]Webster’s definition of health is “a state of health where all organs are functioning at 100%, 100% of the time.

Sometimes your body can feel good but not be functioning well, like when people have the early stages of heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. when they may not be showing any discernable symptoms but it is obviously not working well. The flip side of this is when your body maybe feeling terrible, such as during a bout of the flu or food poisoning, but is functioning well by killing and expelling the bacteria or virus.

Just because you feel good or don’t have a disease doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

Health is how well your body is functioning, not how you feel.
We exercise and eat well not to treat disease but to keep our body functioning as well as possible. Chiropractic works in a similar way – to keep our nervous system functioning as well as possible so our brain can communicate clearly and precisely with our body and control all of the functions of the body effectively.[/fade]