[fade]The main objective of chiropractic is to restore a proper relationship between the spine and the central nervous system (which runs down through the center of the spine) and to remove any pressure or irritation to the nerves.

Stresses, accidents, poor lifestyle habits etc. can cause this relationship to deteriorate which leads to pressure or tensions on the nervous system causing it to function poorly.

Because the nervous system controls how everything in the human body functions/works, a nervous system that isn’t working properly leads to a body that isn’t functioning properly. When “things” continue to deteriorate over time, symptoms (headaches, back pain, arm/leg pain, pins and needles or numbness, poor digestion, reflux) can appear.[/fade]

[slide-left]At ChiroCare in Nelson we gently re-align the individual vertebrae of the spine and other joints of the body so as to remove any pressure or tension to the nervous system and allow it function properly without irritation.[/slide-left]


[fade]People usually experience a rapid improvement in their symptoms and often notice an improvement in the general function of their body such as more energy, deeper sleep, better digestion, improved balance.

As a car’s tyres wear down quicker when the wheel alignment is poor, so do the spinal vertebrae wear down faster when their alignment is poor. This “wearing down” leads to arthritic changes in these joints in the form of bone spurs, decreased disc height or disc damage, scar tissue formation and loss of joint mobility. By restoring the proper function and alignment in the spine and other joints through chiropractic care the stresses are reduced and the wear and tear process slows down.[/fade]